Our Story



I started vaping 3 years ago and was fed up with the poor quality tanks, devices and liquids. So l started contacting the distributors directly to get the best.

Unfortunately they were not keen to deal with a single vaping enthusiast, which l understood but found very frustrating.

For this reason l setup Vapourwise LTD and got a group of friends together that want the best, like me.

What started as a little hobby quickly became a real need for vapers everywhere! I setup my first shop in Thatcham April 2015 to provide expert advice, sell the best products and stock the best quality liquids.

As they say the proof is in the pudding, and after a year things have been going so well l have opened my second store in Andover and things are going great.

I make sure we continually stock the best by visiting vape expos and events to try and test the newest products and tastes in the market.

I started my business wanting to provide you, my customers, the best in everything related to vaping.