Mini Gusto

Aspire Gusto Mini Vape Kit is a compact pod system device which is capable of being used with the Element NS20 pods. Its’ all in one compact design makes it simple to use and it can be used for both mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping styles.

  • Power: 900mAh
  • MTL/DTL: Both


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The Aspire Gusto Mini kit is the combined brain child of one of the best eLiquid manufacturers on the planet with one of the best vaping hardware manufacturers on the planet.

Aspire have teamed up with Element eLiquids and their NS20 range to bring us all the Aspire Gusto Mini Kit, a compact closed system which employs the use of pre-filled pods. No filling or refilling, no fiddling with coils, no real need to know anything at all other than 5 clicks to turn it on and 5 clicks to turn it off.

The kit itself is, as the name suggests, mini in size and fits easily in the palm of the average hand, doing so in a stealthy fashion. For the same reason the Gusto Mini is also extremely pocketable and travel friendly as well as being very lightweight at a little over 60 grams wihtout a pod installed.

Airflow is fixed but due to a clever design it is possible to use the Gusto Mini as either a mouth to lung or direct to lung device.

With a 900 mAh battery capacity the Gusto Mini should get you through the day without the need to recharge the device. Charging is done via micro USB with charging cable supplied in the box.

Perfect for those starting their vaping journey and experienced vapers alike, the Aspire Gusto Mini Kit in combination with Element’s NS20 pods and flavour selection is an easy to use, easy to carry set up, certain to keep you smoke free and vaping happy.

About the pods…

The Aspire Gusto Mini is only compatible with Element’s NS20 eLiquid pods. Each pod is filled with Element’s Nicotine Salt based eliquid and come only in 20mg nicotine strength.

NS20 pods work differently to the average eLiquid in that the nicotine is absorbed more efficiently into the body and therefore ‘hits’ you both sooner and more like a traditional cigarette. Not only this but NS20 pods are very smooth on the throat. For those that have vaped before the throat hit on NS20’s 20mg is similar to an average eLiquids 3mg.

When it comes to flavour Element’s NS20 pods do well again. Only the flavour of the eLiquid comes through with NS20 which makes for a much more enjoyable vape. You cannot taste the nicotine the same way you can when vaping on a traditional 18mg for example.

Due to the efficiency in delivering nicotine you will notice that you will need to vape less often and less in general before feeling satisfied.

Due to the efficiency of delivery we also ask Vapers, new and old alike, take their time when first using NS20 pods to be sure not to overdo it. Take it slow to begin with until you are more familiar with it and know how it works.


  • 1 x Aspire Gusto Mini
  • USB Charging Cable


  • All In One Compact Vape System
  • USB Charging
  • Easy to Use
  • 2ml Capacity Pods
  • Interchangeable 510 Drip Tip

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